Lowongan Website / Game Programmer Developer in Bali-PT Timedoor Indonesia

    Website / Game Programmer Developer in Bali-PT Timedoor Indonesia

    Bali - Denpasar | Ditayangkan: 19-April-2017 | Tutup pada 19-May-2017

    Let's create an incredible service needed around the world
    There are many people and many companies in the world, but how many are 100% satisfied with everything around them? Many people may think ‘I wish this works better’, ‘this could be much more convenient’ or ‘I want to try it this way’.
    Japan has become one of the most developed countries in Asia. At the core of our culture is the desire for excellent service. But still, many people are dis-satisfied with the current quality and want even better service. A similar desire for top-quality service can be seen around the world. At Timedoor, we are here to help reduce frustration with inconveniences and increase general quality. We aspire to contribute to further world development with our service strengths of experience and passion in IT.

    If you want to grow up your self, Timedoor is one of the best place to start your career. Our team are come from various culture. We welcome young people and have high passion although didn't have a work experience. Let's join our adventure! We provide confortable working emvironment like Google in Bali.
    A programmer is responsible for the system quality such as system requirements definition, programming, system operation and maintenance, project management. You can get 3 month php trainning from our Japanese special programmer.
    We would ask to employee to work for long term(minimum 2year).
    Website System Development, System Analysis
    Mobile Game Development
    Developing code: PHP, Javascript, HTML etc.
    Knowledge: MySQL, Linux, Windows, Apache

    Our Missions :
    Needed for customer
    Produce a new value added product beyond the expectations of our customers. We want to help improve your business.
    Needed for staff
    Provide a challenging environment where employees can grow as a way to help create the next generation of leaders.
    Needed for community
    Contribute to Bali and the regional community by expanding employment and educating young stars.

    ALAMAT : PT Timedoor Indonesia
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