Lowongan Surveyor-PT. Himawan Putra

    Surveyor-PT. Himawan Putra

    Jakarta Utara (Jakarta Raya) | Ditayangkan: 06-May-2017 | Tutup pada 05-June-2017

    PT Himawan Putra
    Solution With Passion
    PT. Himawan Putra has been at the forefront of automotive equipment supplier in Indonesia since 1983. We excel in product varieties, experiences, business consultation, and after sales service.
    Taking “Solution With Passion” as our corporate s t a t eme n t , w e a r e c o n s t a n t l y i n v o l v e d i n t h e
    development of daring and positive business activities. Geared to the growing proportion of demand in automotive services, we offer customers the suitable best equipment for all sizes of company and service concepts. Our products include wide range of tyre service equipment, diagnostics, vehicle test lane,
    lifting equipment, and many others.

    We continue to grow as a top-class specialized-technology trading company that provide top-class products incorporating the most innovative technology, expertise and information, with excellent after sales services and nation wide support systems.

    With a combination of expert products specialists, experienced mechanical and electronic engineers, and a solid management team always striving for operational excellence.

    Job Description :
    • Survei pasar
    • Mencari calon costumer baru
    • Mendatangi bengkel-bengkel
    • Memberikan brosur dan menawarkan produk
    • Meminta kartu nama pemilik atau kepala bengkel
    Requirements :
    • Lulusan SMU / sederajat
    • Memiliki kendaraan sendiri dan SIM
    • Kemampuan berkomunikasi yang baik dan lugas
    • Percaya diri tinggi dan memiliki strategi jika menghadapi penolakan
    • Stamina yang baik dan sehat jasmani dan rohani
    • Tekun, giat dan pantang menyerah
    • Penempatan di Jakarta dan cabang di Medan dan Surabaya


    Our Vision
    • To be the leading professional total customer solution provider in Indonesia for the Automotive Equipment Industry.
    Our Mission
    • To maintain our leading edge in the automotive equipment industry.
    • We will strive to meet the individual needs of our customers by consistently providing quality products and comprehensive service excellence.
    We are the leading national Automotive Workshop Equipments companies in Indonesia, we continually search for talents to sustain our rapid growth.  
    Our employees are our most important asset.
    There is a long tradition of self-determination and responsibility in structuring the working times and a co-operative style of leadership by the management in PT.Himawan Putra. Some of our prime company objectives are vocational training and continuing education.

    ALAMAT : PT. Himawan Putra
    Pluit Barat 1, Kota Jakarta Utara 14450, Indonesia


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