Lowongan Senior DevOps-PT Gramedia Digital Nusantara

    Senior DevOps-PT Gramedia Digital Nusantara

    Jakarta Raya - Palmerah | Ditayangkan: 12-October-2017 | Tutup pada 11-November-2017

    Gramedia Digital Nusantara, a subsidiary of Kompas Gramedia Group, is an entity that focuses on answering the needs for digital platforms whilst spreading information and knowledge in Indonesia as our products reflect our contributions in supporting reading culture and education throughout the nation.
    Composed of enthusiasts and experts in technology and digital world, we build digital platforms the lean way, providing expertise in product, technology, and data – an informed decision making process. We believe in continuous learning process through iterations as the way of perfecting what we do.
    Our products include:
    - Gramedia.com (http://www.gramedia.com)
    - Jurnal Ruang (https://jurnalruang.com)
    - e-Perpus (https://www.eperpus.com)
    - Scoop (https://www.getscoop.com)
    - Buku Sekolah (http://bukusekolah.gramedia.com)
    - MakeMac (https://www.makemac.com)

    You must understand common technologies, such as HTTP, TLS, SSH, and be aware of common attack vectors on servers and strategies for server hardening.
    Knowledge of any of the following is a plus:
    • Application servers such as: uWsgi/Tomcat/PHP-FPM
    • Nginx
    • AWS Cloud Platform
    • Python, Java, Node application support
    • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
    • Agile/Scrum Methodology
    • LDAP
    • Google GSuite
    • Configuration of networking devices, such as Mikrotik Routers
    1. Support of < 100 individuals on an internal office network.
    2. Maintaining all aspects of our production servers
      • Must have a grasp on both CentOS and Ubuntu-based servers
    3. Building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines
      • Docker experience is required
      • Understanding of concepts related to Git and administration of Git Repositories.
      • Understanding of configuration management via Ansible is a plus.
    4. Maintain internal office servers
    Personnel are required to participate in a weekly on-call shift rotation in case of emergency.
    DevOps must be able to quickly think for yourself in developing solutions directly with the development team, yet there is a large amount of flexibility to explore and implement the best solution to a given problem.

    With a sustainable working place, Gramedia Digital Nusantara offers intriguing experiences to expand your network as well as your career. Our basecamp is filled with a group of diverse yet talented people who share the same interest in internet technology and multimedia.

    ALAMAT : PT Gramedia Digital Nusantara
    Jl. Palmerah Selatan No. 14, Gedung Kompas Gramedia Unit Palmerah Selatan, Lantai 1 - Jakarta 10270


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