Lowongan Resto and Cafe Operational SPV (SO)-PT Cahaya Tirta Rasa (Jakarta)

    Resto and Cafe Operational SPV (SO)-PT Cahaya Tirta Rasa (Jakarta)

    Jakarta Raya | Ditayangkan: 18-April-2017 | Tutup pada 18-May-2017

    The company was founded in 1938 by Tan See Giam. He created a traditional recipe of tea blending using traditional appliances such as charcoal stoves and cooking pots. Starting just from a humble household industry, the company has now become one of the largest tea manufacturers in Indonesia.
    The current management is led by Tatang Budiono, the third generation proprietor, and has taken the historic company from its primitive methods of producing tea. The company now incorporates modern technology in the manufacturing process and is not open for franchise. Tong Tji brand is currently a well established brand with product.
    In the early 1990s Tong Tji developed its first tea bag product, Tong Tji Celup Jasmine, which has now become the leader in its category in many modern market stores all over the country.

    Job Description :
    • Mengelola dan mengawasi seluruh kegiatan Operasional Resto agar sesuai dengan SOP
    • Mengelola manajemen kantor sebagai penunjang kegiatan operasional resto
    • Mengelola SDM Resto dan Office
    • Membuat dan mengawasi marketing plan
    • Melakukan planning dan pelaksanaan pembukaan outlet baru
    • Memberikan ide untuk Promosi dan menganalisanya
    • Memonitor kegiatan pasar yang ada guna melihat trend yang baru
    Kriteria :
    • Usia 25-35 Tahun
    • Pendidikan S1 Segala Jurusan
    • IPK Minimal 2,75
    • Pengalaman minimal 2 tahun di bidang yang sama (Management Cafe, Resto dan Retail)
    • Memiliki SIM A atau SIM C
    • Memiliki visi yang baik
    • Memiliki jiwa leadership dan Komunikasi yang baik
    • Jujur
    • Mampu Bekerja dibawah Tekanan
    • Memiliki Interest di Bidang Food Service

    Our purpose is to bring Tong Tji Tea Product to our consumer’s daily lifestyle at home, hotel-restaurant-café, office, and at public places in Indonesia. The quality of our product has always been our top priority because we believe our customers deserve to get the best.
    We hope that our loyal customers will be able to distinguish Tong Tji from other brands by the distinctive taste and color. Therefore, we promise to dedicate ourselves in producing the best product for all tea lovers in accordance to our motto: “Teh Paling Nikmat. TITIK!!” (The best tea, ever!!”)

    ALAMAT : PT Cahaya Tirta Rasa (Jakarta)
    Danau Sunter Barat, Sunter Agung, Jakarta, Indonesia


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